List of accepted symposia

Below is a list of accepted symposia containing the main organizer name/s and symposium title. Here are the symposia which are fully submitted with all the abstracts. The list will be updated with each new symposium title which will contain all submitted abstracts.

  • S1 Yonatan Kupchik / Why do we overeat? Unravelling the neuronal mechanisms underlying uncontrolled food intake
  • S2 Rami Yaka / Drug addiction: From circuits to molecules
  • S4 Laurent Groc / Synaptic communication in health and disease: from single molecule to network
  • S10 Ana Pocivavsek / Tryptophan, Serotonin, and Kynurenine Metabolites: Neurodevelopmental Building Blocks with Long-Lasting Impacts
  • S12 Dasiel O. Borroto-Escuela, Patrizia Ambrogini / Understanding the role of GPCR heteroreceptor complexes and their adaptor proteins in the neuronal networks of the brain in health and mental disorders
  • S13 Antonia Manduca, Sara Schiavi / Exploring new therapeutic targets to treat neurodevelopmental diseases: from synapse to behavior
  • S15 Michela Gamberini / Using multiscale approaches to uncover the role of the superior parietal lobule in humans and non-human primates
  • S16 Aviv Weinstein, Matteo Marti / Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS): new exciting findings
  • S17 Illana Gozes / Microbiome News and Views
  • S21 Carla Cannizzaro / There’s a time to make a change: how early exposure to drugs of abuse or to environmental challenges may affect the mesocorticolimbic pathway
  • S25 Radwa Khalil and Sergio Agnoli / Signatures of Neural Mechanisms and Neuroplasticity Underpinning Creative Thinking
  • S26 Damiana Leo / Dopamine Related Disorders: new insight and therapeutic prospectives
  • S33 Matt Lattal / Cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating persistent changes in reward-related behaviors
  • S34 Kathryn A. Cunningham / Cells, Molecules and Models: The Future of Therapeutics in Opioid Addiction
  • S38 Laetitia Davidovic, Julie Le Merrer / Social behavior and social brain: from physiology to pathology
  • S39 Ledia F. Hernandez / Novel targets and therapies in addictive behaviors and impulsive disorders: is magnetic stimulation a therapeutic opportunity?
  • S42 Matteo Filippini, Ivilin Stoianov / Sensorimotor Integration and Control at the Apic: Empirical and Modeling perspectives
  • S44 Aniko Korosi, Annamaria Cattaneo / Vulnerabilities for psychopathologies and neurodegeneration: sensitive ages, mechanisms and targets
  • S49 Salvatore Galati / Tuning the brain: neuromodulation for neurological and psychiatric diseases
  • S52 Dmitri Rusakov / Brain circuits and astroglia: unveiling causative interactions
  • S53 Ehud Cohen / Proteostasis at the Cellular and Organismal Levels
  • S55 Giuseppe Di Giovanni, Philippe De Deurwaerdère / Learning from lorcaserin lesson: is there still a
    future for 5-HT2C receptor development and therapeutic pharmacology?
  • S67 Anja Teschemacher, Nina Vardjan / The role of cyclic AMP signalling in astrocyte function
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